Fall 2015

Keep Telling Your Marywood Stories!

Marywood and its history. They have great stories to tell.

Now that Marywood is in its 100th year, it gets more and more difficult to find those people who can share candid memories of the early years. We rely on historic accounts, photos, and other documents to get a sense of these times, because those who lived them have often passed away; their stories and memories, unless somehow preserved, are lost. We’re forced to come to our own conclusions about how things must have been.

Recently, I met Terry and Rosemary Fiorani Gallagher ’52 and their family. The Gallaghers have had an enduring association with Marywood for eight of its ten decades, either as students or as employees. (See feature story, “A Legacy of Memories,” pages 12-13.) Our meeting on a leisurely summer afternoon was one of those rare opportunities to capture Marywood moments that would be lost if the stories were not told. I’m grateful to Terry and his family for sharing their personal memories, especially about the early years of the Marywood Theatre Department.

I also appreciate when someone takes the time to contact our office, as Dr. A. Carol Lathrope Salva (M.A., 1999) did when she sent a graduation photo of her dear mother, the late Antoinette Camille Rusin Lathrope ’35. (See page 21.)

No matter when you attended Marywood, it’s important to keep those connections alive, to tell those stories, and to share those photos. Has it been a while since you returned to campus? Whether you live across the country or a block away, make it a point to celebrate our Centennial year with us. There are a number of events planned in September, but the invitation to connect with Marywood is an open one. I encourage you to use this milestone year as a springboard to greater involvement. Collaborate with your classmates or volunteer individually.

Just as times change, so do the ways we connect. The Alumni Engagement Office is always open to suggestions. Send an email to alumni@marywood.edu or call (570) 348-6206. Be sure to “like” the Marywood Alumni Association Facebook Page and follow Marywood University on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest updates. If you don’t currently receive our electronic newsletter, Marywood 100, email Jess Meoni ’12 (M.F.A. ’15), Graphic Designer, at meoni@marywood.edu to subscribe to this monthly communication.

Whether you share a post on social media or send a good, old-fashioned letter, we want to hear from you. Reach out to me at the email or mailing address listed below. Stay connected and keep those stories alive for generations to come!

Kind Regards,

Sheryl Lynn Sochoka ’92
Editor, Marywood Magazine

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Marywood Magazine, Marywood University, 2300 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18509

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