Spring 2012

Marywood Alumni Association: A Mission of Service

Marywood Alumni Association SealThe Marywood Alumni Association (MAA) has been working diligently to create stronger bonds among all graduates through alumni service.

“Service is an important component of our religious tradition and of our Marywood heritage,” said Thom Sueta ’89, MAA Board President and a longtime supporter of Marywood University. “Our three-year strategic plan for the Alumni Association calls for us to build a strong alumni service program, so we can continue to help others as we live the Marywood core value of service.”

During the last board meeting on January 28, alumni board members participated in a focus group for Mission Review, facilitated by Mary Anne Fedrick, Ph.D. ’68, Dean of the Reap College of Education and Human Development, and William Conlogue, Ph.D., Professor, English Department. In addition, Marywood seniors and student athletes Kelsey Dunn ’12 and Brett McGee ’12, along with Mary Jo Gunning, Ph.D. ’79, presented an update on Marywood athletics. They spoke about the importance of scholarships and how they help students succeed both in and out of the classroom.

As Marywood approaches its Centennial, this is the perfect time to volunteer and to share your positive Marywood experiences with students, alumni, and others. Start by volunteering for and with the Marywood Alumni Association and its Board. Both offer great ways to stay in touch with classmates while making a difference and; also, having a lot of fun.

There are many opportunities to become more involved in all aspects of the Alumni Association, create vibrant connections with other alumni, get involved in one of Marywood’s many chapters, or volunteer for events. For instance, Reunion Weekend is right around the corner. If you’re planning on attending, volunteer for one or more events! Be a special part of the celebration while reconnecting with friends!

Most of Marywood’s volunteer activities do not require a burdensome time commitment, and staying involved keeps you connected to your alma mater. You also actively demonstrate to our current students that service is a vital part of the Marywood experience and one’s life. The common bond of a Marywood University education is a powerful force. While volunteering certainly helps the University, it can also help you create strong personal and business relationships with fellow alumni.

Opportunities are always available, and the Marywood Alumni Association needs your help to be successful.

For more information, please visit www.marywood.edu/volunteer.

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