Fall 2015

Maria Taito Mirsky ’75

2015 Award of Excellence in Creative and Performing Arts

Maria Mirsky graduated with one of those “scholarly” degrees: B.A. in English—the kind that people so often assume will limit career choices and leads them to ask, “What are you going to do with it?” Maria’s answer, in effect, has been, “Practically anything!” Her Marywood degree prepared her for a lifelong career—39 years—in marketing communications at a time when majors in marketing communications barely existed.

Her marketing career began in September 1976 at FMC Corporation in Philadelphia, as a secretary in the Global Marketing department. She moved to positions of increasing responsibility with several of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of agricultural chemicals, before founding her own marketing agency in 1986. Today, nearly 30 years later, Mirsky Associates is a successful full-service agency—from concept to placement, providing multi-channel marketing, branding, and public relations, including product packaging and regulatory support.

Maria speaks of her gratitude and affection for Marywood and the teachers that prepared her so well for a career she had not imagined. Her fellow graduates are delighted, in return, to express their admiration for the accomplishments of an outstanding alumna by naming her recipient of the Award of Excellence in Creative and Performing Arts in this, the University’s Centennial Year of 2015.

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