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The Haunting of Cape Cod and the Islands
by Barbara Sillery ‘67
(Pelican Publishing, 2014)

Barbara Sillery ’67 continues her series of haunted tales from around the country with The Haunting of Cape Cod and the Islands. The fog-shrouded islands of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard are filled with distinctly New England apparitions steeped in the staunch seafaring traditions of their earthly home. Dip into this ghostly guide for an inside look at over two dozen historical sites along with the tales of their supernatural inhabitants. From the Highfield Theatre to the Sandwich Glass Museum, from the Crocker Tavern to the Simmons Homestead Inn in Hyannis Port, from the Edward Gorey House to the wreck of the pirate ship Whydah, the author provides an entertaining tour of the best-known, and lesser known haunts. Barbara Sillery is also the author of The Haunting of Louisiana, and The Haunting of Mississippi. She continues to work as a television producer, director, and script writer. Her most recent documentary, Biloxi Memories & the Broadwater Beach Hotel aired on WYES-TV, a PBS affiliate that serves the Gulf Coast. She is currently working on a companion book to the documentary. Her books are available through most bookstores or online at pelicanpub.com or amazon.com. Visit Barbara Sillery's website or contact her by email at barbarasillery@gmail.com. The author would love to hear from our readers to get some ideas for her next book.

A Light Dusting of Breath
Donna Pucciani, Ph.D. ’70   
(Virtual Artists Collective, January 2015)

A Light Dusting of Breath is the sixth poetry collection by Donna Pucciani ’70. This collection is a celebration of ambiguity and nuance in the phenomena of everyday life: people, places, things, and their relationship to a dying planet. The poet explores diverse characters who have been important in her life–teachers, doctors, family, friends, even the conductor of the Chicago Symphony– then follows the geography of various cities where she has lived or traveled, capturing the essence of place in details that often go unnoticed. As in her earlier books, Pucciani is patient and thorough with the hidden complexities of the ordinary, and reveals them through careful diction and thoughtful metaphor. What all these poems have in common is their emphasis on intimacy as the saving grace, the one true thing, on this small planet hurtling through space, for it is only through contact with human beings and other living things–a touch, a glance, a moment shared in surprise or accident, a light dusting of breath–that we become fully human. You can find her work on her blog, which features weekly excerpts of her published poetry. For ordering information, visit the publisher’s website or purchase from various online booksellers.

The Stages of Change Workbook: Practical Exercises for Personal Awareness and Change
James E. Phelan (MSW ’94)
(Practical Application Publications, 2014)

James E. Phelan (MSW ’94) provides a practical workbook full of practical exercises geared toward stages of change, highly influenced by the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Each stage in this workbook offers unique opportunities for growth. The workbook can be helpful to anyone undecided about change, thinking about change, ready for change, just wanting to stay focused, or for increased awareness. The exercises can be applied to help in the recovery process of addictions or practically any other life struggle. This book is also available for professional continuing education credits through Genesis Continuing Education Group. Genesis Continuing Education Group offers online CE Credits for Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Addiction Professionals. The workbook can be purchased online at CreateSpace.

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