Fall 2015

Marywood Community Leadership Celebration Honors Lynett-Haggerty Family

Marywood’s 2nd Annual Community Leadership Celebration, held on May 7, in the Center for Athletics and Wellness, honored the Lynett-Haggerty Family with Marywood’s Lead On Award—an award bestowed upon established community leaders who have demonstrated an untiring dedication to our region, to our community, and to Marywood University.

The Community Leadership Celebration brought out the best and brightest community leaders from around the region. In total, more than 525 people packed Marywood’s Center for Athletics and Wellness.  

The annual fundraising event celebrated the partnership of the University and the community, providing special support for Marywood’s Learning Commons, the centerpiece of A Bold Heart: The Centennial Campaign for Marywood University. Over the last two years, the event generated more than $780,000 toward the new intellectual and social heart of campus. 

Art produced and donated by faculty and friends was auctioned at the dinner. Featured artists included: Pamela Parsons, Christine Medley, Dennis Corrigan, Robert Griffith, Matt Povse, Peter Hoffer, and Jack Puhl. Dale Henry, a world-renowned speed painter, was also on hand to dazzle the crowd with his high-octane painting performance of Marywood’s Arch and Rotunda—along with a modern take on Albert Einstein.  His works will be available for auction at this year’s Presidential Society Dinner on September 11.  

To see more photos from the event go to: http://100.marywood.edu/community/

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