Fall 2011

In Memoriam

Helen Bernstein Miller ’36  
Director Emeritus, Alumni Association Board

In September, Marywood University lost an extraordinary alumna, unwavering supporter, and dear, gracious, loyal friend, with the passing of Helen Bernstein Miller ’36.   

When Helen graduated, she took Marywood with her in her heart and carried it from that moment forward. Few graduates could equal her record of service. A listing of her efforts on behalf of her alma mater would fill more space than we have pages. She was a consistent, generous contributor to the University. In 1996, she received the Sister Denis Donegan Award for Long-term Service. In 2004, she was named Director Emeritus of the Alumni Association Board. In 2011—the year she celebrated the 75th anniversary of her graduation—she was given the Alumni Association Humanitarian Award for Lifetime Achievement—the first graduate to be so honored.   

Her record of service to her community was just as lengthy. She was actively involved with organizations from Girl Scouts to the American Cancer Society, to St. Joseph’s Festival, to Hadassah, and the United Jewish Campaign—an organization deeply significant for her, since members of her family had escaped the Holocaust.

For all the joy she brought to others, she certainly knew tragedy in her life. She lost her beloved daughter, Maxine, at the age of eight. Her husband and lifelong sweetheart, David, left her a widow in 2002. Each time, she dealt with her pain by turning outward—devoting herself to caring, tireless service. This compassionate response was a way of life for Helen Bernstein Miller, whom we were blessed to know and love for so many decades.

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