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Great and meaningful work usually begins with a spark—of interest, curiosity, and often a sincere desire to improve something. It involves the connection of relationship. It thrives on shared knowledge and experiences. It asks for much, and it returns more. That’s what a Marywood education does; it generates a spark of excellence that must be shared, illuminating both the minds and the hearts of those who hold it. We see it reflected in mentorship, research, community involvement, and clinical services. These are just a few stories of the people and programs that transform the value of excellence into light for others, making a difference in their lives and in the community.

thumb Free to Become More
Tireless student champion, compassionate mentor—Dr. Alexander Dawoody's story of personal perseverance has shaped him into a guiding light for future policy makers, health services administrators, and public servants.

thumb Ending the Race to Nowhere
Inspired by a documentary film that addresses a multitude of difficulties in today's educational system, two Marywood faculty members have reached out to increase awareness and offer help through some innovative initiatives.

thumb Serving to Learn
College students often volunteer for worthy causes and organizations, but, for Maxis-Gillet Scholars at Marywood University, service is required learning.

thumb Hearing the Need, Finding Their Voices
Staff and students from Marywood’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic are deeply committed to helping their clients find their voice again by developing, improving, or regaining hearing and speaking abilities.

thumb Rewards of Social Work
Why would anyone want to pursue a degree in social work? Get the perspective of Marywood graduate and social work lecturer, Charles Bacinelli, Ph.D., who earned all three of his social work degrees from Marywood University.

thumb From Russia with Love
Creative therapies have made a positive difference that knows no international boundaries, even in remote Siberia. A new program explores the practice of creative therapies between the U.S. and Russia.

thumb The Sound of Music
Opening the world of sound to deaf children is a challenge, but Sister Mariam Pfiefer, IHM found a way to involve Music Therapy interns in a project that helped children with cochlear implants adapt to a new world of sound.

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