Green Light PhotoIn order to access data or recruit participants for research at Marywood University, researchers must obtain permission from the proper official(s) as shown in the below table, and provide this permission to the IRB or ERC. Please use our IRB or ERC template named Permission Letter for Recruitment/Data Access, which may be found on our IRB or ERC forms pages. The letter must:

  • Appear on the official's office letterhead
  • Be hand-signed by the official: Scan the document as a .pdf for electronic upload to IRBNet.
  • State that the official is aware of the research project
  • State that the official has permission authority and grants access to data or allows the recruitment of participants, and how ( i.e. specifying data type, that an email list-serve is being used and which one, if there are several)


In addition to providing a permission letter, please explain in your narrative exactly who and how you are recruiting. If you've created a flyer, include it with your application and state in the narrative whether it will be posted and/or e-mailed to potential participants.

If you plan to recruit by posting a flyer to a bulletin board on campus:

  • Include the flyer in your submission.
  • After securing IRB or ERC approval, contact the Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) office in Nazareth Student Center to have the flyer approved and stamped for posting. This is SALD's campus policy, and its office reserves the right to remove flyers that have not been appropriately stamped by that office.

If you plan to recruit via a large e-mail distribution list on campus (Undergraduate, Graduate, Commuter, Resident, Faculty or MWAdmin):

  • Include the e-mail distribution list name(s) in your submission.   Email Icon
  • Include the email message that you wish to transmit (include subject line and body of message).
  • Add to the script a statement that the study has been approved by Marywood University's Institutional Review Board or Exempt Review Committee.
  • After securing IRB or ERC approval, contact Karen Nealon, CIO Office, at 570-961-4535 or for access to the appropriate list(s). Please do not contact any other individuals unless you are accessing a list not managed by Ms. Nealon listed in the heading above this section. You will need to supply Ms. Nealon with your final IRB/ERC approval letter and the recruitment permission letter from the official stating to which lists you need access.

If you plan to recruit via Marywood University's Facebook page or other social media:

  • Include the social media site name(s) in your submission.
  • Include the script and/or flyer exactly as it will appear in the announcement.
  • After securing IRB or ERC approval, contact Sheryl Sochoka, Publications Director, at 570-348-6211, x.2404 or The investigator must supply Ms. Sochoka with the final IRB/ERC approval letter, the recruitment permission letter and the approved announcement(s). Please do not contact any other individuals for access.


    If you are employing multiple recruitment strategies, please be specific in your description.

    You many need a permission letter from more than one individual, depending on the population(s) you are targeting.


    Entire Faculty (e.g., Faculty email list)

    Employees/Staff (e.g., MWAdmin email list; HR)

    General Visitors to Campus (e.g., bulletin board postings in multiple buildings - does NOT cover students)

    Ms. Leslie Christianson
    Assistant Provost


    • Large student email lists (UG, Grad, Resident, Commuter)
    • Residence halls
    • During specific events (e.g., sports games or other events)


    No letter is required for student recruitment via the SONA system (Psychology Participant Pool)

    Mr. Ross Novak
    Dean of Students


    Appropriate Staff, if applicable (e.g., coach)

    Mr. Novak's letters only cover recruitment of students under the conditions listed at the left. His letters may mention posting of flyers on campus, because the Student Activities & Leadership Development office has a policy requiring that all bulletin board postings be stamped by the SALD office.

    Students During a Class Meeting Time

    Department Chair/Director

    The class instructor must approve of recruitment within his/he classroom, but no evidence of permission is required.

    Participants from a Specific College
    Appropriate Dean


    Participants from a Specific Department (including students)

    (e.g., permission from Director of Veterans Affairs to email Veterans, permission from Science Chair to access only Science students)

    Department Chair/Director

    Institutional Records

    Ms. Leslie Christianson
    Assistant Provost

    Planning and IR Data Request Policy:

    03/24/2017: Staff contact information updated
    12/7/2018: Updated top bullet points to match the new permission letter template.