IRB Meeting Schedule and Submission Deadlines

The below schedules will aid with your submission and are contingent upon your submission being complete. Please refer to our Application Process and Deadlines policy for full details.

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All Review TypesPlan ahead, especially during holidays or breaks. Review times are affected by your submission's condition and current volume. Since all research is equally important, we review on a first-come, first-served basis in as timely a fashion as possible. Note also that:
  • Incomplete submissions will be held until complete, which may place them in the next meeting or review cycle.
  • Submissions made after a deadline's business hours are subject to the next meeting or review cycle.
  • Prisoner research requires activation of our Prisoner Advocate, which may involve additional time.
  • Certain activities may require consultation with an expert (e.g., medical specialist, pharmacist, etc.), which may involve additional time.

Full Review

Deadlines are two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting. Initial decisions are communicated in about two to seven business days after the meeting. We recommend applying about three months prior to the start of your project. Due to Federal quorum requirements, meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Fall 2020 Meeting DatesApplication Deadline by 4:30pm TimeLocation
October 19 October 5 2:00pm Online
November 16 November 2 2:00pm Online
December 21 December 7 2:00pm Online
Spring meetings should be established by mid-December. Plan for meetings closer to each month's end.

Expedited Review

Deadlines are each Monday by 4:30pm. You do not have to wait for those days to submit, however. Initial decisions are communicated in about two to three weeks after the deadline, depending on time of year and staffing. We recommend applying about two months prior to the start of your project. 

Applications due MONDAY by 4:30 PM on:
IRB should render an official, initial decision on or before:
September 28 October 19
October 5 October 26
October 12 November 2
October 19 November 9
October 26 November 16
November 2 November 23
November 9 November 30
November 16 December 7
November 23 December 14

November 30
If your submission is complete, this is the last
date for a guaranteed initial turnaround before the holiday break.

December 21
After November 30 - January 4 January 25
January 11 February 1
January 18 February 8

Exempt Review

There are no specific deadlines, except for students soon to graduate or students taking two-semester research courses (see deadlines in Student Project Timelines). We recommend that you apply at least four weeks prior to the start of your project if you are not a student subject to special deadlines.

Always submit as early as possible, especially during our high volume times (late October through mid-spring).

Decisions are communicated roughly one week after the submission of a complete package during low volume times, unless staff members are out of the office.