IRB Administration


Members represent the interests of the University and the community. There are at least seven members with various backgrounds and fields of expertise, including, at least:

one physician
one unaffiliated member (representative from outside the University)
one representative from each college
one member at large
Assistant Vice President for Research (ex officio)

Of these members, at least one must have primary concerns in a scientific area, while at least one must have primary concerns in a non-scientific area. Whenever the IRB reviews research involving prisoners, it must include a prisoner advocate as a member with full voting privileges. This individual will review and vote upon prisoner research only.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints members, with a view to ensuring cultural, professional and academic diversity. Membership is contingent on year-round availability. The Vice President for Academic Affairs also appoints the Chairperson.

The IRB may, at its discretion, invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of issues which require expertise beyond or in addition to that available on the IRB. Such individuals will act as consultants and may not have voting privileges.

An appointed member's term is three years, with possibility of reappointment for one additional term. In order to ensure the availability of a physician to the IRB, the term of the physician member is not limited to two three-year terms.


The IRB meets once a month in formal session during the academic year. Meetings are also held during the summer sessions, as needed. The times of these monthly meetings are announced on the IRB Meeting Schedule page. Changes in time and/or date of the meetings or cancellation of the meeting are communicated to all concerned. At the discretion of the chairperson, the Board may conduct business via telephone, e-mail or campus mail.