Announcement: Email Recruitment on Campus

Staff Contact Change for Email Lists
As of February 26, 2020, Karen Nealon is no longer the contact person for posting to the large email list-serves on campus, which includes the undergraduate, graduate, commuter, resident, faculty and mwadmin lists. The new contact is Susan Dvorin at

After IRB/ERC approval of a study, the investigator must supply Ms. Dvorin with (1) the final IRB/ERC approval letter, and (2) the recruitment permission letter stating to which lists the investigator needs access, and (3) the approved email recruitment message. Please do not contact any others for access unless a smaller, specific list not managed by Ms. Dvorin is needed from a particular department (e.g., Veterans' list, list maintained by a department for specific majors, etc.).

Posting Limits
Effective immediately, the Information Technology Office will allow a maximum of three posts to list-serves per study.