Announcement: Web-based Survey Platforms

Guidance on Web-based Surveys

For information about web-based survey platforms, please refer to our Guidance on Data Collection via Online Survey document.


The official survey software of Marywood University as of June 3, 2020, Qualtrics is free to all MU students, faculty and staff.  It offers practical drag-and-drop functionality for designing surveys, complex branching logic, and the ability to collaborate on surveys, along with instructor oversight. Qualtrics uses the TLS method of encryption (HTTPS) and survey security options for transmitted data, such as password protection and HTTP reference checking. MU's Help Desk (Educational Technology staff) provides full user support for the product.

Qualtrics Raffles - Anonymization
If you are using raffles in Qualtrics, you should be setting up two, separate surveys - one for the main survey, and one for the raffle entries. This way, responses won't be automatically associated with potentially identifiable email addresses. See Qualtrics' instructions on How to Create an Anonymized Raffle.

REQUEST A FREE QUALTRICS ACCOUNT To request a free Qualtrics account or platform information, contact Katt Fisne, Associate Director of Educational Technology Services, at


Research Electronic Data Capture, or REDCap, is a free, secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. Marywood University is part of its consortium and allows its use for most human research involving no greater than minimal risk. Approval for use in research involving greater than minimal risk will be determined by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). However, MU's Educational Technology staff does not provide user support for the product other than account set up.

REDCap offers a brief overview and has an index of training videos (scroll below login section).

REQUEST A REDCAP ACCOUNTTo request a REDCap account, please contact Mark Pitely, Web Developer, at or 570-348-6211, x.2926.

Survey Monkey

As of January 8, 2014, use of Marywood University's Survey Monkey account (via Learning Commons/Library) was banned for research involving human subjects due to security concerns.  While you may still utilize Survey Monkey for most minimal risk research, you will need to purchase a secure, personal account unless one is available through your department or faculty advisor. The type of account required will depend upon the nature of the research. However, because Marywood University has adopted Qualtrics as its official survey software, no Survey Monkey support is planned by Educational Technology staff. Therefore, we highly recommend use of Qualtrics instead.