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photo of Ajay

City: Pune
Country: India
Language: Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese
Major at Marywood: MBA (General Management)

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“Hello, everyone! My name is Ajay. Everyone calls me AJ. I come from Pune, India. I came to the United States of America in the summer of 2015. I am studying for my MBA. I really enjoy being a student at Marywood University because I have made a lot of friends from America and different parts of the world. They are all very helpful and friendly.

If you get an opportunity to study abroad, Marywood University is the right university. It offers various courses. Here you will meet lot of people and experience different cultures. My experience as a graduate student at Marywood has been remarkable and during my studies, I am impressed by the course work, the learning facilities, and most importantly the expertise of elite teaching faculty. If your dream is studying in United States of America, I wish you all the best and work as hard as possible in order to achieve your dream.”