mondar Greeting from: Marian
City: Accara
Country: Ghana
Language: Ga
Major at Marywood: Accounting and Financial Planning

"Hello, My name is Marian.

I am Ewe but I have been living in Accra since birth so I speak Ga. I came to Marywood in 1998 and started out with Finance. I added Accounting as a second major in my second year.

I came to Marywood because the people are very nice and the campus is beautiful. Also, I knew that I would be here for four years and it was important for me to find a place where I would be comfortable. The pbangladeshrofessors are also really nice and they take an active interest in your academic life.

There are only a few other Ghanaians here, but it is an advantage because it makes you more visible on campus and in the community, and it allows you to play a more active part in events on campus."

(Marian graduated from Marywood in 2003 with a degree in Financial Planning.)


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