Required Immunizations

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Required Immunizations/Drinking and Alcohol Policy

Marywood University considers proper immunization to be extremely important, particularly for students who will live in Marywood residence housing. The International Affairs Office strongly recommends that you take care of all required immunizations prior to your arrival on campus; certain immunizations and PPD skin testing for tuberculosis are required of all students. Please be sure that you have received the proper immunizations before coming to campus.  This will alleviate your having to pay for them if you must get them here.  For more information, visit the Student Health Services web site, or email Health Services directly:

Students Living On Campus

Prior to moving into your on-campus room and registering for classes, you will be required to provide medical history information and immunization records to the Student Health Services office. You will receive these forms with other materials prior to your arrival on campus, and you should either:

  1. send them in advance of your arrival to campus, or

  2. carry them with you to Marywood University.


**Marywood requires that all students expecting to live in campus housing must be immunized against the Meningococcal virus before moving in. A PPD skin test for tuberculosis exposure will be administered on campus soon after the International student arrival.


Failure to comply with immunizations and health requirements has serious consequences such as the inability to live on campus and/or to register for classes. If you have met all of the requirements, you may proceed to move into your campus housing and register for classes without delay. If you have not met the immunization and testing requirements, you may not move into a campus residence until this is taken care of.  You may have to stay in a local hotel until this requirement is met.

Students Living Off Campus

Graduate students and students living off campus are required to provide medical history information and immunization records to the university if they expect to make use of the Student Health Services. Certain immunizations and PPD skin testing for tuberculosis are required. If you do not fulfill the records submission requirements, you will not be eligible for treatment at the university. The Admissions department will send medical forms that you should have completed and returned to the university in advance of your arrival or bring with you.

Drinking Age/Alcohol Policy

In the United States, you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol. The sale or service of alcohol to anyone who has not yet reached the age of 21 is prohibited. For many of you, this may be an adjustment. Marywood University is a "dry campus" - no alcohol permitted. This policy is strictly enforced.