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Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all enrolled students at the University and is a necessity for everyone living in the US because the cost of routine and emergency health care as well as prescription medicine is extremely expensive. Note: international students and scholars are not eligible for public benefits available to many US citizens with low incomes. Accepting any such public benefits can cause you to lose your legal status in the US and create a bar to your re-entry to this country.

Currently the cost of Marywood's Health Insurance Plan is $1,768 per year for ALL students. This insurance is for individual coverage through Bollinger Insurance Company (ATT: College Dept. 101 JFK Parkway, Short Hills, NJ 07078). Please visit the Bollinger's Health Insurance website to review and read the specific important details of the coverage. In particular, be sure to print your ID card and Claim formsTake both the card and a claim form with you to any doctor or hospital visit as the insurance company will not be able to process your claim without the claim forms completed by you.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PLAN COVERS THE STUDENT ONLY Spouse and/or children are NOT covered under this plan.


When you review your billing on your student account, the premium ($1,768) for the basic insurance plan will be charged to your account. All students are enrolled unless you choose to waive this coverage by visiting the Bollinger Insurance website and opt out of the insurance.The website to waive out of the insurance is: . Choose Online Waiver from the menu at the top of the page then follow the directions to complete the process.

 ** NOTE: The Marywood-Bollinger Health Insurance does NOT cover injuries that are the result of the student's participation in any of the university's team sports. The student-athlete should be covered under another insurance plan which agrees to cover team sport activity. Please visit the International Affairs Office, Liberal Arts Center, 220 for assistance.

Marywood student health insurance will become active on August 21, 2015 and will be valid to August 20, 2016. If you expect to arrive earlier, we recommend that you purchase short-term travel insurance at home to cover you before your Marywood insurance becomes active. If you are starting your studies in the spring or summer semesters, you may purchase a partial year's policy.

For more information about Marywood Health Services or health insurance please go to the Health Services website at: Marywood Student Health Center or email Health Services directly: