Tuition Payments

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Tuition Payments

All students are required to make full payment for all expenses by the specified due dates or at registration, whichever occurs later, unless an application for one of the University deferment options is submitted to the Cashier's Office by the semester due date or at registration. International students are required to observe the same payment terms established for all students.

International students should make appropriate arrangements for the transfer of funds from their home country so that payment of tuition and fees may be made by the specified due dates. Failure to do this can result in cancellation of the student's registration.  In many cases, it can take as long as 12 weeks for funds to be transferred to the U.S. from other countries.

Be sure to include the student's full name and ID number on the transfer. International wire transfers take longer to process, so please allow fourteen business days to avoid late payment fees. If a third party will be paying your tuition, you must send them the bill for your first semester at Marywood University.

All International students are required to purchase Marywood's health insurance coverage through Bollinger Insurance, Inc. As payment for this insurance is included on your tuition bill, payment must be made in full for insurance to be in place.

Questions: If you have any questions on tuition costs, payment options, or your invoice, contact the Cashier's Office at (570) 348-6212; or FAX # (570) 961-4739. The Cashier's Office e-mail address is: