Preparing to Come

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Immigration and Visa Issues

Critical immigration procedures are discussed in the cover letter which accompanied your Confirmation Packet from Marywood University. Read this information very carefully to know the correct procedures for your particular situation. For a list of US Embassies, Consulates and web sites, click here:

For more information, check the Marywood Admissions web site , click on Undergraduate Admissions, International Students, Application Instructions and read through the Application procedures for International students.

When you are traveling to the US, make sure you carry your original documents (passport, I-20/DS-2019, evidence of admission and financial resources) with you in your carry-on luggage.


Weather and What to Bring

During the summer, June through September, the weather is often hot and humid. Lightweight clothing is required. During the winter season, late November through March, expect sudden and extreme weather changes: several days of cold weather may be followed by days of moderate temperatures; days of snow and/or rain alternate with periods of clear and bright weather. Warm overcoats and boots are needed and may be purchased at nearby stores and shopping malls. (All buildings are heated, so medium weight clothing is most comfortable indoors.) Spring and fall seasons are moderate. Below are some averages:





70o to 90o

+21o to 32o


20o to 45o (may drop to 00 or below)

-6o to 70o


60o to 70o

+10o to +20o

In addition to clothes, books and other essentials, consider bringing the following items for your stay in the US: extra contact lenses (if you wear them), medications (in clearly labeled containers), photos, traditional clothing, addresses of friends and family, phone numbers of contact people in the US, compact items that will help your residence feel like home. Check with your airline regarding luggage weight and security measures or consult the Transportation Security Administration.

Remember: Do not pack your immigration documents in checked luggage.


Information Technology (IT) generates electronic mail (e-mail) addresses for every student, staff and faculty member at Marywood.  You may access your e-mail account via any web browser.

To begin using email, you will need your Net ID and password which you will receive at the New International Student Orientation from the Registrar's Office

It is important that you check this email account frequently.  All messages from the Office of International Affairs and Marywood University will be sent to you through this account.