International Guidebook: Housing

Someone at Marywood Speaks Your Language

Alexa from Finland studies Nutrition and Dietetics

Marywood University offers housing services to foreign undergraduate students. Graduate students and ESL students enrolled in the Intensive English Program (IEP) may be housed in on-campus housing on a first-come-first-serve basis if units are available. The Housing and Residence Life Office is located in the Domiano Center for Student Life. The phone number is: 570-348-6236; fax number is: 570-340-6078; email is

On Campus Housing

Marywood guarantees housing to all undergraduate students, both foreign and native for four years if desired.  Residences include dormitories, including single rooms and suites, apartments and full houses which accommodate a number of same sex persons for regular academic terms.  

*Sheets, pillows and blankets are not provided.  With notification to the International Affairs office, these items may be purchased before your arrival, with payment due upon arrival.

Residence hall students, except those living in the Woodland Townhouse Apartments, are required to choose one of the University meal plans indicated on the Residence Hall/Dining Services Plan Selection Form which can be found under Meal Plans on the Housing & Residence Life website.

On-campus housing is provided for Graduate Students and ESL students registered in the Intensive English Program (IEP) on a limited basis. Any graduate or student who would like to attempt to secure a spot on campus should contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life.

Move In Day

All new first-year undergraduate students live in campus housing at Marywood University. There are traditional residential dormitories and apartment-style living options. First-year students must follow the instructions in the Welcome Packet and submit their Housing Application and Housing License Agreement as instructed.

Please be advised that due to summer housing demands and building maintenance, you are not permitted to enter your living space or store belongings before the day before the beginning of the New International Student Orientation.


Off-Campus Housing

Graduate students who do not apply for housing on campus, will need to search for off-campus housing independently. The search for off-campus housing is perhaps the biggest source of anxiety for new international students. Most current students recommend arriving several weeks before classes start so you have ample time to get settled before you become involved in academic life. Housing is reasonably priced in comparison with major US cities. Most rental leases start on the first of each month with the most common start dates being the first of June, July, August, and September. and  can assist in your search for an apartment. Another recently recommended resource that has been found to be useful is: Zumper. It is a good idea to refer to an online map service such as,, or, when searching for housing. You can pinpoint the university and refer to it in searching out convenient housing.  The local newspaper, The Times-Tribune carries classified ads advertising apartments/housing, both furnished and unfurnished. The Sunday edition of the newspaper has the most comprehensive listings. Many students also use to search for both apartments, furniture and roommates if desired.

Another suggested option for graduate students and visiting scholars is The Mill Apartments.  The Mill is comprised of studio and loft apartments. For more information on the apartments at The Mill go to  or call (570)504-1555.  Transportation is necessary to get to campus from The Mill.

When making a housing choice, you may call or email the International Affairs Office and ask us about distances and conveniences of your choices to Marywood.  All locations do not have convenient transportation to Marywood.

Please be sure to understand that when you sign a lease with any of these housing or apartment owners, you are signing a legal contract. It is important to know and understand the terms of your lease in full before you sign it!

Renter's Insurance

Renter's insurance is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased after arrival. It is highly recommended because the landlord's property insurance policy that covers the physical dwelling will not cover your possessions inside of the building. Renter's insurance will cover your personal property, such as furniture or electronic equipment should there be damage from fire, theft, etc.

Neighborhoods in Scranton

Marywood is located on the border of Scranton and Dunmore in Lackawanna County in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.  Following is a listing of neighborhoods in close proximity to the university.

Many times in your search for apartments in the area, the neighborhood will be noted in the classified ad.  This is particularly true in the newspaper ads.  The Green Ridge section of Scranton and the Hollywood section of Dunmore are the two closest neighborhoods to campus.  They are definitely the most convenient and safe areas, as well as a bit more expensive than the neighborhoods a few blocks away.

The next closest area by name would be the Scranton Hill section.  This area is   less expensive, but is more crowded with less parking available. But in some cases, it is close enough to the bus route that extends between Marywood and the University of Scranton and operates from Monday through Saturday.  There is no bus service on Sunday.

Other areas within a 2 mile radius of Marywood are: North Scranton, West Scranton, South Scranton, Dickson City and Throop, PA.  Other than public transportation via the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) bus, or taxi service through McCarthy Flowered cabs (570-344-5000) a resident would need to provide own transportation to and from campus.


Different Types of Rental Housing

Rental costs depend on location, size, condition and whether utilities (gas, water, and electric) are included. Although you cannot - and should not - rent housing before you visit the actual location, informing yourself before you arrive and arriving early will make the housing search a much smoother and less anxious experience.

Room in Private Home: One room with a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen located in a private home or a large house with many such rooms. These rooms are usually furnished.

Efficiencies/Studios: A small one or two room combination of living room, kitchenette, and bathroom. The price range for studios is, on average, $300 - $500 a month.

1, 2, 3+ Bedroom Apartments: An apartment including one or more bedrooms, a living-dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The price range for one-bedroom apartments is approximately $375 - $600, for two-bedroom apartments, the price range is about $500 - $850.

Houses: A one or two family style home in which a group of students share kitchen and bathroom facilities. In addition to full houses, the area near the University has many town houses, which are built in rows sharing common walls between each dwelling. Some houses include a car garage, a basement and/or a yard.

Utilities and Paying Bills

Bills in the US are commonly paid by personal checks available through your US bank. In most cases, you may set up automatic bill payment which enables you to pay bills electronically, directly from your bank account.

Some apartments may include utilities like gas, electric and water. However, in most cases you will have to contact the utility companies directly to set up and pay for service for your apartment. 

When looking for an apartment, be sure to include the cost of utilities in your monthly rent estimate. It is strongly recommended that you request an estimate of the previous tenant's utility bills by calling the utility company directly. Note that heating bills can be very high in the winter (over $100 depending upon the type of heat and size of apartment). Listed below are some major utility providers:


PPL   1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775)


UGI Penn Natural Gas (UGI-PNG)  1-877-474-3637


PAWC   1-800-565-7292

*this hook-up will automatically trigger a sewer account with the Scranton Sewer Authority; bill will be based on water use.


Verizon 1-888-214-4451


Comcast  1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278)

Verizon  1-888-214-4451

Directv  1-888-777-2454 (tv only)


Note: Some students are told that they need a US Social Security Number (SSN) before they are able to establish telephone or other utility services. This information is incorrect. Students who do not have an SSN may have to complete an application and submit copies of documents (such as a passport and a student ID) and may have to pay a deposit. If the employee you are speaking with seems unaware of the procedure for starting service without an SSN, politely ask to speak with a manager or call back and talk to another employee.  For further assistance, contact the International Affairs Office at Marywood University.