Human Physiology Lab: Faculty Research

The difference between an acute bout of interval and endurance exercise on energy intake and hormone levels in overweight or obese women

Status: Completed

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of short bouts of high intensity exercise vs. endurance exercise on energy intake, hunger, appetite related hormones and energy expenditure in overweight women.

Participants will have their cardiovascular fitness measured with a treadmill test, have resting metabolic rate measured, have body composition measured and undergo two exercise sessions. Subjects will also be required to track their physical activity levels and dietary intake for a period of 3 weeks using the Jawbone UP Move fitness tracker.

Angela Hillman, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Athletic Training & Exercise Science
This study is being conducted by Dr. Angela Hillman in the Athletic Training & Exercise Science Department at Marywood University and Dr. Jessica Bachman in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport at the University of Scranton. This study is being funded by a Marywood University/University of Scranton co-operative grant.