Human Physiology Lab: Faculty Research

The effects of an acute dose of tart cherry supplement or placebo on markers of inflammation, oxidative stress, quality of life and pain.

Status: Enrolling

The Purpose of this study is to look at the short term effects of taking a cherry supplement, either in capsule or juice form, on inflammation in the body.

Participants will be required to attend three testing sessions at the HPL. On day 2, subjects will have fasting blood drawn to assess inflammatory and antioxidant levels in their blood. Each will be randomly assigned to take either a cherry supplement (capsule(s) or juice) or a placebo (capsule(s) or juice). Blood inflammatory and antioxidant levels will then be measured at 1,2,8,24 and 48 hours after ingestion of the assigned treatment. Subjects will also be required to track both physical activity and dietary intake for the duration of the study using the SuperTracker web site, part of the website.

Angels Hillman Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Athletic Training and Exercise Science
This study is funded by the Murray Award for Research and Development