Human Physiology Lab: Faculty Research

cardiostrong study

Status: Enrolling

The effects of an acute dose of tart cherry supplement or placebo on markers of inflammation, oxidative stress, quality of life and pain.
Angels Hillman Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Athletic Training and Exercise Science
This study is funded by the Murray Award for Research and Development
How does a prebiotic supplement affect iron status during iron repletion in iron depleted female athletes?
Diane DellaValle, PhD
Associate Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics

Status: Completed

The difference between an acute bout of interval and endurance exercise on energy intake and hormone levels in overweight or obese women
Angela Hillman, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Athletic Training & Exercise Science
This study is being conducted by Dr. Angela Hillman in the Athletic Training & Exercise Science Department at Marywood University and Dr. Jessica Bachman in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport at the University of Scranton. This study is being funded by a Marywood University/University of Scranton co-operative grant.
Effects of a Six-day Trial of High Intensity Interval Training on Blood Indicators of Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in Previously Trained and Untrained Individuals
Jsutus Hallam, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education
Effects of Whey Protein Cherry Juice on Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage and Indices of Recovery Following Plyometric Exercise
Angela Hillman Ph.D., ECP.
Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education