Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

Ergometer: Arm

An arm ergometer is available for assessing cardiovascular fitness in individuals unable to test using a treadmill cycle ergometer.

Ergometer: Cycle (LODE)

The three LODE ergometers are programmable analog cycles used mainly for prescribed training programs with varying intensities.

Ergometer: Cycle (Velotron®)

The Velotron® is a PC based cycle ergometer used for various exercise testing and training. Pre-programmed training rides can be used, or individual training programs can be created.

Ergometer: Rowing (LODE)

For those who choose rowing as their preferred sport, Concept 2® rowing ergometers can be used for exercise testing and training. The Human Physiology Lab uses two rowers, one set up for traditional rowing, while the other simulates the paddling technique used by kayakers.

High performance treadmill

The HPL utilizes a TuffTread™ high speed treadmill for exercise performance testing. This treadmill moves from 0.3 to 31 mph and 0 to 40% incline to accommodate testing all levels of fitness. It can accommodate persons up to 600 lbs. and is equipped with a safety harness system capable of un- weighting subjects by up to 125 lbs. for rehabilitation purposes.