Scientia 2009: Lauren Tyrrell

Lauren E. Tyrrell is receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with minors in writing and Spanish. While at Marywood University, Lauren has held leadership roles for The Wood Word and several national service trips. Lauren is also a member of Lambda Iota Tau, Kappa Gamma Pi, and Delta Epsilon Sigma and she has worked for the past three years as both the Honors Intern and a Writing Center tutor. Following graduation, Lauren will attend graduate school for creative nonfiction writing. She expresses much gratitude to her mentor Laurie McMillan for her willingness to direct the thesis back in its ―racquet athletic‖ stages, Christina Elvidge for her encouragement and candy, Susan Campbell Bartoletti for her advice and writerly support, Samantha Breiner for her surefire proofreading skills, and her family for their patience, pretzel supply, and constant love. Finally, Lauren expresses much gratitude to all those who have supported her throughout the thesis-writing process, enduring for the past eight months her exploration of voice development in writing. I‘m thankful to you all for your belief in me – you truly are the foundation for my own developing voice.

Excuse My Excess

Director: Dr. Laurie McMillan
Reader: Ms. Susan Campbell Bartoletti


About. Above. Across. After. Against. Along. Among. Around. At. Learn. The rules. Before. Behind. Below. Beneath. Beside. Between. Mem. Orize. Down. During. Except. For. From. Succeed. Succeed. Learn. The rules. Mem. Orize. And. You will. Succeed. And. You will. Succeed.

As a college freshman, I could not learn enough rules and I could not memorize enough lists. I had dozens of alphabetized prepositions waiting in my arsenal. I pored through handbooks, determined to tackle once and for all every last use of the comma. I banished first person pronouns, exclamation marks, and adverbs from my compositions. In high school, my obsession to write well led me to master not just grammar rules but writing conventions, too: effective introduction tactics, smart transitional phrases, MLA citation format, and thesis restatement.

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