Scientia 2009: Anna Mizer

Anna Mizer will be graduating in May with her BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in business. The combination of design and business are what motivated Anna to write her thesis on the use of design and corporate identity in the business environment. While at Marywood, Anna was involved with activities such as service trips to New Orleans, Kentucky, Scranton, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Besides volunteering and service experiences, Anna is a member various organizations such as Marywood‘s CMYKlub graphic design club, the Honorary Art Fraternity Zeta Omicron and the Catholic Honor Society Delta Epsilon Sigma. Anna will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology for her MFA in Graphic Design next year and plans on eventually moving back to upstate New York and working in a small design firm. Finally, Anna would like to extend sincere thanks to her advisor Christine Medley whose help and support has been much appreciated over the past years. Without her help this thesis would not have been possible. Finally, Anna would like to thank her family for their love and support through her time at college and all the endeavors it has produced.

Corporate Identity: Design for Success

Director: Ms. Christine Medley
Reader: Mr. Brian Petula


Every morning you wake up and pull yourself out of bed. You shower using Pantene and Suave, put on your Gap and Tommy Hilfiger clothing, and make your way downstairs to eat a balanced breakfast of a Dole banana and your Post Raisin Bran cereal. As you slide into your Volvo and turn to your favorite radio station, you are hit with morning news, the latest charttopping hits, and a barrage of commercials. As you make your way to work you pass billboards, bus-stop signs, taxis with illuminated roof ads, and countless retail signs and storefront displays. You finally arrive at your desk and decide to check your email to look for any client messages.
As you open your email you are being exposed to banners and ads on the website as well as any marketing or spam emails that you have received. After your workday is over you drive home and decide to relax with dinner and a television show. After making your Stouffer‘s dinner you snuggle up to the USA Network to watch an hourly installment of the hit show House which is interrupted periodically to bring you commercial messages from their sponsors. Before you go to sleep you read the latest issue of Newsweek or LIFE magazine to relax and unwind from the day. Eventually you surrender to the comfort of your Tempurpedic bed and drift off to sleep, expecting to wake up the next day and repeat the whole experience again.

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