Scientia 2008: Ashtyn Kemper

Ashtyn Rae Kemper is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and will graduate May 11, 2008. She is also minoring in Art History and Business. Ashtyn is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a National Scholastic Honor Society. Upon graduating, Ashtyn will move south to Greensboro, North Carolina with the aspirations of becoming a photojournalist and eventually earning her Masters degree in photography. In the summer of 2007, Ashtyn took advantage of a study-abroad opportunity through Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. There, she studied Renaissance Art History and took a studio Serigraphy class. Not only did Ashtyn travel throughout the country, but also she got to experience first-hand Italian culture. She is grateful to Marywood University for allowing such an opportunity to occur. She would like to thank Sam Olfano and Lisa Hinkle-Maria for sharing with her their knowledge of photography, as well as her parents, Paul and Debra Kemper, for their love and support.

Gum Bichromate – A Modernized Approach

Director: Mr. Sam Olfano
Reader: Ms. Lisa Hinkle-Maria


Photography today is used as a tool by most people across the world; a form of mechanical reproduction merely seeking to capture memories to display in an album or to store in a shoebox. As informative as photography is and always has been, its creative element is what many professionals turn to, in light of much skepticism that has followed this art for nearly two centuries. However, the birth of photography centered around one goal: to produce a permanent image strictly for the means of documentation. Many methods and techniques developed as photography took the world by storm; of great importance were those that proved to be archival in relation to the final image produced. One process that never received too much recognition, but played a significant role in the history of photography is gum bichromate.

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