Scientia 2008: Lauren Fischer

Lauren Fischer is receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Practices. After her graduation, she plans to attend Fordham University for a Professional Diploma in School Psychology. She would like to one day work as a school psychologist and/or a professor in a university completing research with students. She was treasurer of Psi Chi the National Honor Society in Psychology for the 2006-2007 academic year and she was also inducted into Delta Epsilon Sigma, the National Honor Society for Catholic Universities. During the 2007-2008 academic year, she was president of Psi Chi and secretary of the Psychology Club. She was also inducted into Kappa Gamma Pi and presented research at the Eastern Psychological Conference in Boston, MA. Lauren would like to thank Sister Gail Cabral for all of her help with her thesis. She would also like to thank the other professors in the Psychology Department who have been excellent teachers over the past four years. Lastly, Lauren would like to thank her parents for supporting her and always being there for her.

Friendship Maintenance: Factors Contributing to Changes in Friendships of First Year College Students

Director: Sr. Gail Cabral, PhD
Reader: Mr. Carl Persing


In the present study, the a Social Network Grid, a Propinquity Questionnaire, the Friendship Maintenance Scale, and the Friendship Qualities Scale were all completed to assess why high school best friendships are sometimes terminated when high school ends. Two-hundred one (153 female, 45 male) students participated in Study 1 and 23 (21 female, 2 male) of the original participants and new participants took part in a follow up study (Study 2). In a correlational analysis, a significant positive relationship was revealed regarding friendship maintenance, friendship qualities, and contact (r=.342, p<.001; r=.371, p<.001) in Study 1. A significant negative relationship was found between face-to-face college contact and the Positivity subscale of the Friendship Maintenance Scale (r=-.530, p=.009) in Study 2. Future research should assess other factors, besides contact, that may add to the dissolution of high school best friendships upon entering college.

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