Scientia 2008: Elizabeth Damiano

Elizabeth Damiano is receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. After graduation, Elizabeth plans to attend Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York, for graduate school to attain her Master's in Special Education. Elizabeth has been a member of Marywood’s student chapter of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association for the past three years, and is currently the secretary. Elizabeth is also a member of the Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society for Catholic Universities. Elizabeth would like to first and foremost thank the Lord for allowing all things to become possible in her life. She would also like to thank all of the faculty members at Marywood who have enriched her college experience within the past four years. Lastly, Elizabeth would like to thank her family for their continuous love and support.

Grading the Visual Arts at the Elementary School Level

Director: Sr. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, MFA
Reader: Ms. Ellen Burkhouse


There has been much debate regarding the Visual Arts grading methodologies in the elementary school system. Some art educators are avid believers in allowing children to be completely self expressive, with little to no structure provided for them in the classroom. They maintain that less structure enables each individual child to develop his/her uniqueness. Others, conversely, believe that the arts should be treated just like any other subject matter, and, therefore, instruction should include quizzes and tests, notes and handouts, with strict guidelines and rules for each lesson. This debate has led to recent changes regarding Visual Arts standards of assessment.

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