scientia pictureThe Journal of the Honors Program at Marywood University

Scientia is published annually to honor the achievements of students who have completed the requirements of the program and are graduating with the Citation in Honors.

The Honors Program at Marywood University provides you with opportunities to expand on the traditional curriculum and work closely with faculty, all of which culminates in the Honors thesis. The Honors thesis reflects the essence of a Marywood University education and the best of honors learning: a blending of the liberal arts and major programs, close collaboration between students and faculty, and advancement of study in the form of research. 

Scientia is distributed on campus and catalogued in the Marywood University Library.

2006 Maura Rose Calderone English Literature

The Lady of the House: The Dark Architecture of Women’s Gothic Fiction

2006 Lisa Zager Finance

Factors Affecting Capital Budgeting and Project Decision Processes

2006 Kelly Alexandra Trotta English Literature/Religious Studies

In Her Image and Likeness: The Feminine Nature of God in Christian Theology and Modern Literature

2007 William Ziegelbauer Political Science and History

Sowing the Seeds of Hope: Mary F. B. Scranton’s Vision for Korea, 1885-1895

2008 Marin Braco Arts Administration

Patricia Johanson: Environmental Art In Process

2008 Caryn Culp Music Education

Music for Special Education Students in Northeast Pennsylvania Schools

2006 Dustin Evan Rhodes Criminal Justice

Risk Factors of Young Offenders in American Jails: What Leads Them to a Life of Crime?

2008 Ashtyn Kemper Fine Arts

Gum Bichromate – A Modernized Approach

2005 Sarah Ann Rusakiewicz Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Turnover in the Trucking Industry: An Analysis

2009 Colin Seymour Psychology

The Academic and Psychosocial Impacts of Prior Gifted and Honors Education on College Students

2008 Sara Ann Lisiewski Communication Sciences and Disorders

Noise-induced hearing loss and the abuse of mp3 players

2007 Ann Brennan English

Learning to Read and Searching for Meaning with William Faulkner

2008 Lauren Fischer Psychology

Friendship Maintenance: Factors Contributing to Changes in Friendships of First Year College Students

2005 Rebecca Sparling English Literature

Princess Lessons: Gender, Power and The Princess Diaries

2005 Antónia Fed’áková Finance

Toward the European Monetary Union: Measuring Intra-Industry Trade of Central and Eastern European Countries

2007 Christina Evonne Poulos Criminal Justice

A Comparative Study Of White-Collar and Blue-Collar Criminals in American Jails

2007 Laura Christine Beale Biotechnology

Bacterial Communication: An Environmentally Conscious Approach to Bioremediation

2009 Anna Mizer Graphic Design

Corporate Identity: Design for Success

2008 Carol Lee Casciano Nutrition and Dietetics

The Adequacy of Dietary Intakes among Male High School Basketball Players

2009 Kaitlin Johnstone English/History

Count Transylvania Out: Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a Reflection of Irish Myth and History

2006 Robinne Okrasinski English

Consumer Capitalism in Walt Disney World’s Epcot

2009 Karissa Kreidler English

Furthering Meaning with Texts: Critical and Ethical Growth through the Study of Literature

2009 Emily Talago Biotechnology

Analysis of 2nd Crisis in tbp ΔN/ΔN Transgenic Mice with Classical Steatosis and Applications of Molecular Genetics in Accurate Liver Disease Diagnoses

2009 Lauren Tyrrell English

Excuse My Excess

2005 Elizabeth Gigantelli Industrial Organizational Psychology

Attractiveness in the Workplace

2008 Amy Kilker Psychology

The Differences in the Use of Relational Aggression by College Freshmen Females and Upper-Class College Females

2006 Elizabeth Ann-Vicotria Dittrick Mathematics

Gender Attitudes Toward Mathematics Differences: Real or Fictitious

2005 Christina L. Reidy Public Relations and Advertising

Masquerading and Misrepresentation—A Clash of Ethics and Communication

2009 Janean Shedd

A Study on the Effects of Light and Color in Reading

2008 Maria Alena Scavone Foreign Language Department

Interpreting Common Misunderstandings that Occur between the French and Americans for the Purpose of Promoting Intercultural Understanding

2006 Mary Benner Psychology

Effects of Chewing Gum on Memory of Studied Words

2005 Robert Sparling English Literature

Godsex & Monsters: Explorations of the Metaphysical in Alan Moore’s Promethea

2005 Sally Mannion Advertising and Public Relations

The Anti-Advertising Campaign: The Social Significance of Promotion through Unconventional Avenues

2007 Matthew Silveri Psychology

An Analysis of Helping Behavior

2006 Amanda E. Chambala Art Therapy

Anxiety and Art Therapy: Treatment in the Public Eye

2006 Mary Jo G. Biazzo Elementary Education

The Role of Multicultural Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom

2008 Elizabeth Damiano Art Education

Grading the Visual Arts at the Elementary School Level