Frank Abruzzini


Frank Abruzzini, B.S. in Finance

Major: Master's in Public Administration

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ


Frank Abruzzini: grad student, St. Joseph's University alumnus, singer, athlete, snowboarder, wakeboarder, future NCAA lacrosse team head coach...

His winning plan: eye on the goal; carry the right stick...

 "Marywood is giving me the proper tools, both in the classroom and on the lacrosse field, to help me reach my professional goal, which is to become a collegiate head lacrosse coach."

 *Lacrosse fact: depending on position played, Lacrosse players use a "short stick" (40" - 42"); a "long stick" or "long pole" (52"-72"). A goalkeeper's stick may be 40" - 72".

It's all about teamwork...and leadership...

"Working under Coach Grant has given me a great perspective on how to run a successful lacrosse program as well as how to be a good leader.  The support by the entire athletic department is evident on a daily basis."

 *Lacrosse fact: Anciently, it was a native American game played between tribes to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, develop strong warriors, and/or give thanks to the Creator. It could be played on a field many miles in length and a game could last for days.

Be in it to win it...

"It is an extremely positive experience being part of a team committed to put the best possible product on the field and in the classroom."

*Lacrosse fact: The NCAA Men's Lacrosse championship has the highest attendance of any NCAA Championship, outdrawing the Final Four of men's basketball.

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