Erin Sadlack, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of English

Author: The French Queen's Letters: Mary Tudor Brandon and the Politics of Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Europe

"Words, words, words." ...William Shakespeare

"It's exhilarating when students become so excited about a work they start debating the smallest nuances of language and finding deeper layers of meaning. There's an electricity about such discussions, a sense of discovery and shared delight in new ways of thinking."

"Read, read, read." ...William Faulkner

"I have always loved to read-classics, fantasy, mysteries, history, fiction, almost anything. I love books for the ways they make me think, the ways they challenge me, the ways they entertain or excite or even comfort me."  

"There's all heaven and earth in a book, a real book..." ...Christopher Morley

 "I could fill whole shelves with titles of my favorites, but if I were stranded on that proverbial desert island, I would take a complete works of Shakespeare...If I had room in my pockets, I'd sneak in Christine de Pizan's Book of the City of Ladies and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (though Tolkien would require a pretty substantial pocket!)."

"If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must write it" ...Toni Morrison

"My research is on Mary Tudor Brandon, King Henry VIII's sister, whom poets celebrated for bringing peace between England and France...but is better known for marrying for love without her brother's permission. Such limited focus obscures Mary's role as a political figure. Her letters reveal how early modern queens engaged in all kind of political activities. By bringing copies of her letters into the classroom, I encourage students to look at works few people have had the fortune to read.

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