Jean Marie Gruber ’11


Major:  Nutrition and Dietetics

Class of '11

Hometown: Hawley, PA


Just ask! Jean Marie will give you the scoop.

 What's her recipe for success?

 "The Coordinated Program in Nutrition and Dietetics lets me accelerate my career. By incorporating my internship clinical hours into my academic classroom hours, I am able to sit for the Registered Dietitian's exam as soon as I graduate, as opposed to waiting a year."

What's cooking in food science?

"Dr. [Marianne] Borja is so passionate about teaching-specifically about showing us the chemical reactions and WHY thing happen to food...WHY green beans turn brown...WHY a simple trick like cooking in an uncovered pot can keep beans and broccoli green and appetizing.  It made us eager to learn." 

And what's cooking for dinner?

"After spaghetti and meatballs, my favorite meal to make is butternut squash lasagna*....a full day's project, but worth every second. Cooking seasonal is the key."

What's the best course for freshmen?

"Don't go home every weekend.  Look around you at what Marywood offers, try something new-a yoga class, for instance, or "First Friday" in Scranton. It helped me find that 'hey, I actually like this!' Chances are you'll meet people who like things you do. I love the sense of community...LOVE watching basketball to 'hoot and holler' with classmates. It's a time when we all have something in common!"


Want to taste Jean Marie's Butternut Squash Lasagna?



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