Gene Kelly, Residence Director


Residence Director; Lecturer, Psychology and Counseling
Major: Ph.D., Human Development-Higher Education Administration


No, he's not THAT Gene Kelly!

But he does quick-step through a busy schedule...

"My Ph.D. program has proven to be quite challenging, as it should be! As a Residence Director, my main role and responsibility is to enhance the academic experience of the residential students in my halls. Outside of my assistantship position, I also teach two courses in the Psychology and Counseling Department."


And shows some fancy footwork handling multiple roles...

"I enjoy conduct [counseling]. It's a real opportunity to effect change in a student and a time when we can talk about why he or she made a decision and how to make different ones in the future. Teaching has proven to be amazing. Using opportunities to discuss complex material or difficult questions from multiple perspectives only helps students become more comfortable with life's varied issues."


While waltzing right into new challenges...

"My graduate higher education degree was more counseling-based, so being able to learn some specific administrative skills has already helped me be a better administrator. My foundation courses in human development have been unique in that they are team-taught, which allows us to be instructed by experts in different fields."





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