Andrea Barker ’11, English


Major:  English/Secondary Education

Class of '11

Hometown: Binghamton, NY. 


Challenge and Reward

"At Marywood I found a beautiful campus that offered challenging academics, a welcoming community, great athletic programs, and an active student life."


Home Away from Home

"The relationships I have made during my years at Marywood really make my time at school enjoyable. Often when I am home, I find myself missing school more than I ever thought I would. Each year that I am here I become more involved. Through each new opportunity, I meet new people and forge greater relationships."


Finding Roles to Fit My Personality

"As co-captain of my soccer team I have been given the responsibility to guide my team both on and off the field.  I was also elected class vice-president. With so many choices here at Marywood, I was able to create opportunities that fit my personality."


Limitless Possibilities

"There are so many directions that my life can take me that it is often overwhelming to think about it all. In five years, I hope to have earned both my bachelor's and master's degrees in Education. I believe that I will be a high school English teacher...possibly coaching soccer...eventually earning a Ph.D. and perhaps becoming a professor. The possibilities are endless!"


NSCAA Announces College Scholar Honors for Andrea Barker.

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