Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks

We invited members of the Marywood community to share their memories, wisdom, and messages of thanks as we approach our Centennial in 2015. These are their responses.

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Leann C. Ostrow (Marywood Student) gives thanks

Being here for 5 years, you meet a lot of people. With these friendships with your peers and faculty, they get to see you succeed and if you are having a hard time, they get you through and push you to be even better. The entire Music Department faculty has been my family and my motivators for these 5 years. In Music Therapy, I am grateful for being able to learn with Maria Fay and Dr. Anita Gadberry. The few years I have worked with them, they see so much in me and push me to be the best music therapist. I am thankful for them believing in me and to learn from them, it is a privilege. Along with them, Ellen Rutkowski has been like my mom away from home. She has been my voice teacher ever since I came to Marywood as a freshman and I never thought I would become the singer I am today with her help. I cannot believe we are preparing for my senior recital and I definitely wouldn't ask for anyone else but her by my side. Thank you Ellen!! :) Another person has go on here without question, Dr. Rick Hoffenberg. I have been studying under Dr. Hoffenberg for Campus Choir and Chamber Singers for a long time among other classes with him and him accompanying me on the piano for recitals. Among being a wonderful musician and teacher, he is one of the most positive and wisest people I have ever met. He never gives up on anything or anyone, he goes to your full potential and exceeds. I always learn something new everyday and it inspires me to raise my calibur as a musician. I am grateful for our friendship and hope it lasts after graduating. Lastly, I am thankful for Chamber Singers. This group is not only filled with such talented musicians but kind, caring people. They have been my family and every year that passes, I am so glad new people get to come in and share this experience with everyone. Whether we perform for a Marywood function, give a concert, tour or have a barbecue in Lackawanna State Park, I would not trade these experiences for anything because of you people. Thank you for being my family. <3

-- Leann C. Ostrow Class of 2013

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