Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks

We invited members of the Marywood community to share their memories, wisdom, and messages of thanks as we approach our Centennial in 2015. These are their responses.

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Everyone who has ever been in Campus Ministry! (Marywood Student) gives thanks

We are all so thankful for the amazing Mary Roche. She is the most kind-hearted and helpful woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Simply hearing her say hello when you enter Campus Ministry is enough to put a smile on your face. Mary is one of the main reasons why the Campus Ministry world keeps on turning. She goes above and beyond what she is expected to do, simply because of her incredible heart. Without her we'd all be a little more lost and we wouldn't be able to participate in all of the service that we do. We hope she knows just how special she really is. Mary, THANK YOU!

-- Everyone who has ever been in Campus Ministry!

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