Month of Thanks

Month of Thanks

We invited members of the Marywood community to share their memories, wisdom, and messages of thanks as we approach our Centennial in 2015. These are their responses.

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Dale Giuliani (Marywood Faculty) gives thanks

At the age of 60+, I faced the challenge of finding a new dream; after all, living through a few decades, I saw the completion of many of my goals and accomplishments. Finding a dream seemed so much easier when I was 20 ro 30 or even 50. But now, how could I keep my spirit 20? My enthusiasm youthful? But most importantly, how could I keep my zest for life alive? Then I received a phone call from Nancy Hemmler who wondered if I would be interested in teaching in Marywood's IE program. My heart screamed "Say no," but my mouth betrayed me, and I heard my voice saying "Yes." I told Nancy I had never embarked on such an adventure and that I was just a tad afraid. As children might say, I was "ascared." She assured me that I would love it. And she was right. I do love it. I love the opportunities I have had that allowed me to encounter so many different cultures and languages and wonderful students. So, I thank Nancy for dropping a dream in my heart, but most importantly, I thank her and Marywood for developing a program that attests to Marywood's mission and vision. So, thank you, Nancy Hemmler for taking a leap of faith and welcoming me to a program that I have grown to love! Thank you for the blessing that allows me to continue to be a teacher!

-- Dale Giuliani

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