Statues: St. Casimir

st casimir

St. Casimir 1958

  • Mother Theophilia, Superior General of the Sisters of St. Casimir, gifted Marywood with a statue of St. Casimir (received via email from Sr. Dolores Filicko) - Background: September 26, 1905: Bishop J. W. Shanahan contacted Mother M. Cyril Conway, IHM, and requested that the IHM Sisters provide religious formation for three women from Lithuania; August 29, 1907: The religious profession of three sisters marked the birth of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Casimir; March 14, 1933: Mother M. Josepha Hurley, IHM, assured Mother Maria Kaupas, SSC, that two or more IHM Sisters would teach summer courses in Chicago for the Sisters of St. Casimir. For years, the IHM Sisters provided college coursework leading to a degree from Marywood College for many Sisters of St. Casimir; June 16, 1933: Mother Maria Kaupas, SSC, and Mother M. Cyril Conway, IHM, received an award from the Lithuanian government, the medallion from the Order of Gediminas, for outstanding performance in civil and public work. More information on the Sisters of Casimir to be found on pp 373 - 381 of The Sisters of IHM)