Statues: Shrine to the Sacred Heart

shrine to the sacred heart

Shrine to the Sacred Heart 1916

  • Situated just beyond the Science Center was established in memory of Sr. M. Carmel Gallagher, IHM, and her brother, John Gallagher. (page 26 of A Retrospective). "On September 18th (1917) a Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was erected on the seminary grounds. The shrine was built in a picturesque spot not far from the little cemetery that now holds the remains of so many dear ones. This beautiful shrine was the gift of Mr. John Gallagher of Kansas City, brother of Sister M. Carmel. Sister M. Carmel watched its erection with the greatest interest and hoped to live to see it dedicated. Her hopes were not realized. She died on Wednesday, March 14, 1917. ... The shrine now, according to the wish of her brother, is Sister M. Carmel's memorial. The Sisters of the IHM on page 46)