Editorials: "Our First Issue"

Well! (a long sigh and a breath of relief) —we are here at last, and we do hope you approve of us. But of course you do, and please rejoice with us also, for this first issue of the Bay Leaf is the materialization of a dream; a dream that was noth­ing more than a will-o'-the-wisp that danced in a most exasper­ating way just out of our reach every time we thought we had our hands on it. For a year and more this dream has been— well, just a dream, until a month or so ago, when we determined that faint heart ne'er won—anything. We set our teeth and grasped our pens with the real Marywood spirit and wrote reams—as the waste paper basket can testify. Our business manager buckled on her spurs—and things in her department began to fly. And let us add, by way of parenthesis, when our business editor starts setting things in motion they usually keep moving.  The results, in this case, speak for themselves.

So you see, we've made a beginning, a small one, we humbly acknowledge—but just the same a beginning. And that's half the work done. O ye Bay Leaves and Marywood girls that are to follow in our footsteps! It has been a big thing to attempt —but so far we have not been afraid of big things in our col­lege. Why?

R.H.S., '19.