Editorials: "The Bay Leaf"

The name chosen for our College Quarterly carries with it a deep significance.  In olden times the bay leaf, or sweet laurel, was twined in a wreath to crown the heads of conquerors and was the highest honor that could he given to those who attained distinction in literary pursuits. The heroes and poets of ancient Greece and Rome saw in this wreath the goal of their desires— it represented to them the fame they had won, the position they had attained.   The idea has come down to our time, and we still hold the wreath of bay leaves the reward of intellectual achievement, higher than any jewelled crown. Marywood College, the dream of years realized, is the crown of the edu­cational system of the Sisters-Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is as their laurel wreath, the reward for the tireless endeavor of over half a century. And so the Bay Leaf has a twofold meaning for us. It represents the honor and distinction for which we, Marywood's daughters, are striving, and, at the same time, denotes the crowning of the patient efforts out of which Marywood evolved.

F.A.C., '19