The Marywood College Bay Leaf

VOL. I             May, 1919                   No. 1



Dear Mother! Should not the best we have be thine?

            Should not each act, each thought, each written line

That’s born of us, be motivated to thy praise,

            And prove that thou art model of our ways?

That thou hast won our love—dost hold secure

            Our hearts, and thus our peace and joy insure?


Then come we, Mother, with our loving mite,

            To win the smile that is the child’s sweet right,

When quick it runs with new-found childish treasure

            And shares with mother every tiny pleasure.

Thus we our Bay Leaf bring in happy glee

            And dedicate each page, each word, to thee.


Through all the years to come, may each fresh leaf

            Be bright with hope—undimmed by grief;

May golden threads of love bind all in one

            To make a wreath, surpassed in worth by none,

With which, in some triumphal dreamed-of scene

            We’ll crown thee, Mother, our all-gracious Queen!


  M.D., ‘19