"Sanctitas, Scientia et Sanitas"

             The motto of a school or college is chosen with the purpose of making it the guiding principle of the lives of the students. In the selection of a motto, Marywood has shown herself to be like a loving mother, concerned only with the welfare of her children; and she has selected one that will be a staff to assist her students to ascend the steep road that leads to the pinnacle of supreme achievement: “Sanctitas, Scientia et Sanitas,” “Holiness, Knowledge, and Health”.

            Holiness first! The soul is the principle of life; consequently our first concern should be for its welfare. The Great Teacher has said: “Seek ye, therefore, first, the kingdom of God and His Justice, and all these things shall be added unto you.” These words contain a command and a promise, and as surely as we follow the command, so surely will the promise be fulfilled. Therefore in all our labors, whether during college days or in after life, let us never lose sight of God or the soul. If we attain God’s love and favor, we shall want for nothing, because He blesses those He loves; and with his blessing we shall accomplish in our lives the end of our creation, namely, the fulfillment of God’s Holy Will. This alone constitutes true success.

            Holiness is a grace of God, a supernatural gift, but we cannot merit it by sitting idly by and waiting for it; we must strive after it. Holiness consists in an ardent love of God. Since we cannot love that which we do not know, we must endeavor to know God.  And we can find knowledge of God in all things about us. Do we study astronomy? Nowhere are the power and majesty of the supreme God so plainly portrayed as in the Heavens. Do we study anatomy? The marvelous organism of the human body shows the wisdom and foresight, as well as the tender care, of a divine Father. Do we study art? Where can we find the origin and inspiration of all Art unless in God and His Holy Church?

            Thus we might exhaust the categories of arts and sciences, for when all is said and done, we must realized that everything, little and great, leads to God. Our lives are a perfect circle, beginning with Him and ending with Him; and outside of this circle there is no true life, no genuine happiness, since God, the vital Force of existence, is wanting. Thus knowledge leads to, and at the same time emanates from, Holiness.

            But there is another important factor in the scheme or our symmetrical development, soundness of mind and body. Though the spiritual life is of the greatest importance, since it spells Eternity; though intellectual achievement leads us nearer God by teaching us that He is the Beginning, the Way, and the End of all things; yet we must not forget that there is a Divine Command governing the proper care of life and health. And as knowledge augments holiness, so does health promote both of these. The mind that lacks vigor cannot acquire knowledge as readily as can the sound mind, and the unhealthy body retards the development of the intellect. Hence, health is a valuable asset in the attainment of holiness and knowledge, and we should lend our best efforts to its preservation.

            Let us guide our lives by this rule. Let us remember that it contains a world of wisdom. let our motto ever be: “Sanctitas, Scientia et Sanitas.”

                                                                         Marie K. Fleming, ‘19