Thomas Quinn Beesley, Catholic Sisters College, to Mother Germaine

Thursday, October 11, 1917

Given the war tax on travel, proposes alternate lecture series with dates and subjects.

                                                                  1310 New Hampshire Ave.

                                                                            Washington, D.C.


The Catholic Sisters College

The Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.

                                                                                                           October 11, 1917

My dear Mother Germaine,

            The university schedule has been arranged as I had hoped it would be when I wrote to you a fortnight ago, and I can now assure  you of almost any five Monday evenings before Christmas which you might are to have in the event that you privilege me to come to Mt. St. Mary’s. There is one other consideration which has since arisen that I must in fairness set forth to you, namely the war tax on travel which goes into effect on November 3 and which adds somewhat to the item of expense. It amounts to a net increase of 8 percent on the fare each way. Now I would not want this to fall on you to any degree that I could avoid, and if I can secure any additional engagements for the immediate vicinity I would certainly distribute the war tax increase elsewhere. May I submit this matter to you in the above light, then, Reverend Mother, and ask you for your frank decision! If you feel that the increased item of expense provided by this unforseen war tax is just about the last straw – a feeling which I could share with you quite honestly – may I not offer this alternative: I have two engagements for Buffalo and Canada in the second week of November and the second week of December – I could stop off at Scranton en route for any two of the lectures you would select, if it would be agreeable to you to have me come on Sunday night. Thus I could give you a lecture on Sunday night, Nov. 11, and Sunday night December 9. If you can make that arrangement I 

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will give you on the evening of December 9 a lecture which I have never given away from Washington on the public platform – “Our Lady in English Poetry”. It is a very pretty little lecture and of course very Catholic, and would harmonize with Our Blessed Lady’s feast day of the Saturday just before. Thus, by coming to Marywood for only two lectures instead of five I could, if Sunday night is an agreeable time for you, effect for you a very considerable saving from the expense of the course as a whole. The two lectures would be $25 each, and the expense would just be your pro rata share of the total train fare from here to Buffalo and return each time, a share which I can assure you will be to your advantage. I want to consult your personal interests in this matter entirely before my own, Reverend Mother, and I would honestly recommend that because of the unusual conditions created by the new war taxes in November and thereafter we would find it more to our mutual advantage if we do not try now to arrange the whole program but confine ourselves to just two lectures. Of course this plan is contingent entirely on your convenience. If I could come Sunday night I would be able to give you the two lectures very comfortably for yourself as well as myself, and in addition I would have the opportunity to give a lecture which for obvious reasons I seldom give in public, a lecture which could come gracefully on December 9th. I will be very much obliged to you indeed, Mother Germaine, if you will let me know your wishes in the matter at an early date. I want to make my itinerary fit your convenience as much as possible.

               With my most cordial and respectful regard, [written] Sincerely yours,

                                                Thomas Quinn Beesley.