Iridescent thing of beauty,
    Flitting, dipping, sip, sip, sip,
Come, and rest thee from thy flitting
    Come and settle from thy dipping,
Alight upon my finger tip.

Only God could paint the colors
    Spread upon thy gorgeous wings,
Rainbow tints so soft and mellow,
    With some spots of radiant yellow
And thy jet black body rings.

Late I watched thee break from prison,
    From thy chrysalis, as we say,
Watched thy bright, evolving beauty,
    Take a holiday from duty,
Brush thy wings and fly away.

Listen to me, butterfly,
    Why so ugly, why so fair?
Tell me all the history
    Of this secret mystery,
Bit of bliss in shining air.

To my soul, my frame is prison,
    I shall break my prison bars,
When in time of chrysalis' waking
    All my senses from me breaking
I go upward through the stars.