Editorials: "Welcome Home, Heroes!"

          The ghastly and heart-rending scenes of battle are now over for you, and with quick-beating hearts and light step, you march under the victory arches of your beloved country. Like the heroes that you are, you smile, and conceal the look that would tell of suffering and hardship.   We have not been wit­nesses to your brave deeds, but in each American heart lies the realization of what you have done for humanity.  The ideals of America are no longer dreams, because you have made them live, and, doing so, have made Democracy the hope of the world. We bow our heads in deepest reverence to those of you who have made the supreme sacrifice.   We cannot pay for life's blood. so the nation's debt and ours lies buried with our fallen heroes.

         You who are returning have not broken faith with your brothers, and as you go along a million rays from the glory of your manliness make bright the way. With love, admiration and unspeakable gratitude in our souls, we welcome you home— Our Sons of Liberty! To have you with us again makes life brighter and deeper.  A thousand welcomes!

 Mildred W. Walker, '19.