Dr. James Walsh to Mother Germaine

Thursday, February 10, 1916

Regarding his choice to lecture on Psychology rather than Chemistry or Physics; sending books for library; visit with Sisters in Monroe—their reactions to news of Marywood's early success.

Jas. J. Walsh, M.D.

110 West 74th Street

New York

                                                                                    February 10, 1916.

Rev. and dear Mother Germaine,

            I hope that you were not disappointed to find oncoming back that instead of Physics or Chemistry we were doing Experimental Psychology.  This counts as a rather important physical science in recent years, however, and has materials for a laboratory for it could be collected rather easily and as I could teach this and could not teach the others we proceeded to do the best we could. I think that very probably after this course has been given a couple of years one of the Sisters who attends it can then take it up, direct the laboratory work and the experiments in it and all I would need to give would be half a dozen or so of lectures during the year and yet I would be in reality the Professor and directory of the laboratory to all intense [sic] and purposes f you so wished.

            I think too that I can help you to gather some books for your library. Indeed I am trying to see my way to the foundation of an alcove of books relating to the history of science and psychology that I think will work out. At least I shall promise now a hundred volumes more or related to the subject for your library.

            The arrangement was I should be up again for a Saturday and Sunday lecture February 19th and 2th.  Except an engagement with His Grace to be with him at supper I should have nothing else to do on Sunday afternoon while up there and we could talk the matter over.

                                                With all good wishes I am then

                                                            Yours very respectfully,

                                                                        Jas. J. Walsh


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Jas. J. Walsh, M.D.

110 West 74th Street

New York


P.S. I was with the Blue Sisters at Monroe yesterday and you should have seen the look that Mother Mechtildis gave when she heard that you had already over thirty in your Freshman college class though only opening it this year. I think that so far as Mother Mechtildis would permit it the look was one of envy. She sent her heartiest congratulations on the work.