Mother Germaine to Rev. Joseph Mulry, President of Fordam University

Thursday, April 18, 1918

Relates the results of her interview with the Father Provincial of Fordham; thanks him for his help.


Reverend Joseph A. Mulry,

            Dear Father:-

                                    I am taking advantage of my first opportunity, since my return home, to inform you of the result of my interview with your Reverend Provincial and to thank you for the cordial welcome received at Fordham.

                        On Monday, I called on Father Maas. He met me with gracious kindness, listened with fatherly attention to my request, and showed a willingness to do all in his power to help me carry out my plan. However, he declined to consider the opening of summer school at Fordham during the present summer. He spoke of war problems and of the uncertainty of conditions in the near future. Under circumstances, I appreciate his hesitancy and am pleased to abide by his advice. I am glad, though, to know that he will consider the opening of school for women during the year of 1919. In case of his affirmative decision, I hope to give my support to the movement, and therefore, I am inclosing to you an application for the admission of twenty Sisters to the proposed summer school. Now that I have taken ^been encouraged in the first step forward, I feel confident that all will be well.

            It is my intention to take up the Creighton University matter at once and, if possible, to arrange to send some of our Sisters there during the present year.

            My visit to Fordham will always be remembered as one of the most delightful joys I have experienced. I can never forget your truly religious courtesy and your friendly interest in my project. I am unable to express the gratitude I feel, but I trust that the little remembrance I am sending by parcel post will convey to you some idea of my sincere appreciation. I am not a judge of cigars, but I hope my selection will prove to your liking.

            Before I close, I want to congratulate you on the delightful production which it was my fortune to attend on Saturday. The performance was superb.

            With kindest wishes, I am, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,