College of HHS Departments

Department Chair/Director E-Mail Phone
Health and Physical Education Ms. Shelby W Yeager, M.Ed.
Center for Athletics and Wellness 211 348-6259
Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Lee Harrison
O'Neill Center for Healthy Families 348-6277
Dr. Barbara Higgins
Center for Natural and Health Sciences 348-6275
Physician Assistant Program Dr. Lori Swanchak, Director
O'Neill Center for Healthy Families 348-6298
School of Social Work and Administrative Studies
Dr. Diane Keller
Liberal Arts Center 83 348-6282
Doctoral Program in Human Development Dr. Deborah Hokien
McGowan Center 348-6230 or 961-4752


  • Human Physiology Laboratory
    O'Neill Center for Healthy Families
    Ms. Kathleen Uhranowsky,
    Manager and Clinical Trial Coordinator