Help Desk - Student Information

    If you have trouble seeing the form below, make sure you are logged into your Marywood gmail account (and no other gmail accounts) or use this link.


    Students must use the same username and password that was assigned when your Marywood student email account was created. Note that if you change your password you must still use the ORIGINAL password to access a wireless network. If you forgot your username and/or password you must contact the Registrar's Office at 570-348-6280 or


    Your MarywoodYOU log-on will now be used to access the wireless service on campus. Please direct any questions to the help desk at 570-340-6070 or


    Guest login access is not available for our wireless network. 


    Wireless routers and printers are not permitted due to incompatibility with our network. 

    Student and Employee Accounts

    E-mail accounts are created automatically for students and staff. You can access your Marywood Gmail account via the e-mail link in the footer of the University website.


    Contact the Registrar at 570-348-6280 to retrieve your e-mail account information.


    Contact the Help Desk at, or 570-340-6070 to retrieve your e-mail account information.

    Additional E-mail account creation

    If you want a departmental e-mail account (ex:, or an additional e-mail account, contact the Help Desk at or  570-340-6070.

    E-mail Account Problems

    If you experience an issue with accessing your email account, please contact Help Desk for assistance at or 570-340-6070.

    Learn how to log on to MarywoodYou, view your progress/audit your degree program, plan your future courses and then register for your upcoming courses. 

    **Remember, you will need to meet with your academic advisor prior to scheduling your courses. View the Academic Calendar for an overview of registration timelines. 

    • Most major buildings have drop-in computer labs, either Windows or Mac
    • Printing and Copying (GoPrint)
    • Free Scanning
    • Microsoft Office
    • Specialized software by major

    The Help Desk will assist with your computer and technology-related questions. Contact them in one of these ways: 

    1. Check our website:
    2. Email:
    3. Phone: 570-340-6070
    4. Visit: The Help Desk is located on the main floor of the Learning Commons, and has walk-up window hours posted on their website.





    Windows 10 Home

    Windows 10 Pro

    macOS 10.13 or Higher

    Processor Type

    Core i3 Processor

    *AMD NOT Recommended*

    Core i5 or Core i7 Processor

    Core i5 Processor

    Core i7 Processor


    4GB RAM

    8GB RAM or Higher

    8GB RAM

    16GB RAM or Higher

    Hard Drive

    256GB SSD or 500GB HD

    *Do not purchase a 128 GB HD*

    512GB SSD or Higher

    256GB SSD

    *Do not purchase a 128 GB HD*

    512GB SSD or Higher

    Graphics Card

    512 MB Video Memory

    2GB Video Memory or Higher

    2GB Video Memory 

    4GB Video Memory or Higher

    Other Hardware

    Built-In Webcam

    Built-In Webcam


    MS Office 2016 or newer

    MS Office 2016 or newer


    3 year parts and labor 
    (on-site strongly recommended)

    3 year parts and labor (AppleCare+)


    Comprehensive breakage, theft, liquid spill, hazard (strongly recommended)

    Computer Sign-On Or E-Mail Password


    If you are a student and need your Windows log on information or e-mail password, contact the Registrar at 570-348-6280.


    If you are faculty or staff, contact the Help Desk at or 570-340-6070.

    MarywoodYou Portal Password

    You can access the MarywoodYou Portal at The login information used to access the portal is the same username and password you use to log into your Windows computer.

    Moodle Password

    Moodle can be accessed via Your login information for Moodle is the same as your Marywood portal login credentials. 


    Payment for pages is linked to your Pacer Points account. (login to the portal and click Manage Your Pacer Points or download the GET app to your phone to add points)

    1. Choose the correct printer 
    2. Click the Print button
    3. Enter your Portal credentials in the Go Print pop-up window
    4. Click Sign In
    5. Check the box next to the jobs you want to print
    6. Check your Pacer Points account display to review your funds
      1. Click Cancel if you do not have enough funds in your account 
    7. Click Pay and Print to send your job to the printer. The cost will automatically be deducted from your Pacer Points account. 

    Choose a Different Printer

    1. Click Redirect to choose a different printer to send your job to

    Pay at Station

    1. Click Pay at Station
    2. Select your ID on the GoPrint monitor (this option may not be available in the building you are currently in)
    3. Swipe your ID card 

    My Account

    Check the Print History. If your job does NOT print, you may have chosen the incorrect printer. 

    Signing Off

    GoPrint times out after 60 seconds.

    Poster Printing

    Contact the for assistance.

    To set up Marywood email (a Google Apps account) on a smart phone, configure the account using the phone's built-in Gmail setting. Make sure to enable IMAP in the Gmail account setting. You can also download the Gmail Mobile App.

    iPhone Instructions
    Android Phone Instructions

    Available in Residence Halls, 1 jack per room.

    All students, faculty, and staff are supplied with a Marywood-branded Google account, which includes:

    • Email (Gmail)
    • Calendar
    • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
    • Google Sites

    Workshops are provided free of charge to Marywood faculty, staff and students so they may become more proficient with the applications we support.  Workshops run approximately from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Classes and instructional materials are designed and delivered completely in-house.  Any of these workshops can be presented to specific groups and departments.

    Information Technology is located on the Terrace Level of Immaculata Hall.

    From the Immaculata Breezeway between Immaculata Hall and the Liberal Arts Center, make a left, go through the doors, and down the steps. Access to our department is restricted to authorized personnel.  A doorbell is located outside our main door.

    Please do not respond to e-mails requesting You To:

    • Renew, update, or validate your account.
    • Make easy money.
    • Verify your information.

    Do not click on links in suspicious e-mails

    What is Suspicious? 

    • Unsolicited e-mails from someone you don't know.
    • E-mails requesting any personal information.
    • Unsolicited e-mails with links in them.
    • "Get rich quick" e-mails.
    • E-mails requesting you to update/refresh/renew/validate your account.

    If you think the e-mail is questionable enough to e-mail us about it, then it is SPAM or a PHISHING e-mail.  Mark it as SPAM in Google gmail.


    No legitimate educational institution, government agency, company, or person will send you an e-mail requesting personal information or include a link in the e-mail requesting such information.

    • Do not click on links in suspicious e-mails.
    • Do not forward the e-mail to IT or another person asking if it is SPAM.  It probably is SPAM.  Mark it as SPAM.
    • Do not reply to an email promising you easy money.  If the offer is too good to be true then it is a scam.

    These types of email would not exist if no one responded to them. One of the best ways we can fight them as a community is to be vigilant and mark them as Spam when we receive them.