Student Help

Help Desk staff will assist students with downloading, installing and running anti-virus and anti-spyware software and other system utilities. If we cannot help, you will be referred to a local professional. We are not a service center.

E-mail Password

Your e-mail username (some form of your name before the "@" sign) and password is used to access the MarywoodYOU portal, e-mail, the library's databases, and the wireless networks on campus. If you change your password in Gmail (e-mail), you must still use the original password to access the other systems.

If you forget your e-mail password you must contact the Registrar's Office. Please be prepared to show your Marywood ID.

To set up Marywood email (a Google Apps account) on a smart phone, configure the account using the phone's built-in Gmail setting. Make sure to enable IMAP in the Gmail account setting. You can also download the Gmail Mobile App.

iPhone Instructions
Android Phone Instructions

Equipment Information

The following represents Information Technology's minimum hardware recommendations:

PC Minimum:

Processor:  Intel i3 or AMD A6
Operating System:  Windows 7
Memory:  4GB RAM
Hard Drive:  500GB
Graphics:  Intel HD 4000 or Radeon R5
Wireless:  g Adapter

PC Recommended:

Processor:  At least Intel i5 or AMD A8
Operating System:  Windows 10
Memory:  4-8GB RAM (standard) 8GB+ (creative users)
Hard Drive:  At least 500GB Mechanical and 60GB Solid State
Graphics:  Nvidia 600M series or AMD Radeon R7
Wireless:  AC Adapter

Apple Minimum:

Processor:  Intel i5
Operating System:  Yosemite
Memory:  4GB RAM
Hard Drive:  500GB Mechanical or 256GB Solid State
Graphics:  Intel HD 3000
Wireless:  g Adapter

Apple Recommended:

Processor:   Intel i5
Operating System:  Yosemite
Memory:  4GB RAM
Hard Drive:  256GB Solid State Drive
Graphics:  Intel HD 6000
Wireless:  AC Adapter

Apple and Dell offer educational pricing for Marywood students. Also, the School of Architecture's Dell web site contains recommended laptops for their majors.

Equipment Authorization Form

Need a piece of equipment for a class project? In order for students to sign out equipment, they must fill out the Equipment Authorization Form and have a faculty person sign for them.